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NewMovieBusiness aim to serve as the number one resource platform for actors and upcoming actors to develop and become better version.

We hope that  the resource we dish out on this platform will help filmmakers and the wannabees develop not just in knowledge but in movie business also.

We are here to help talents grow and also give you the best value for your money as we create a network of all jobs in the world of film making.

Preparation and industry knowledge are vital to the success of an actor, this site is packed with great content that teaches actors the ins and outs of the industry, help them create a career strategy and provides guidance and recommendations. Keep the abreast with in news in the film industry and essential advice.

We help keep actors on recent auditions film jobs available and also film investments

We hope to also use this platform to provide filmmakers with top notch talent for their projects

We also help in advertising short film and supporting them with the necessary information on how to profit from their short films.