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Film Career; The Producer As a Career.

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A Film Producer is considered as the film manager or film project manager.

They are responsible in planning, coordinating, supervising and controlling matters such as fund raising, Hiring Key Personnel, Contracting and Sourcing for Distributors.

“You shepherd the project from script to screen,” says producer-director Michael Merino.

A Producer is heavily involved throughout all the phrases of film production, from the process of Pre-production to getting it into the market.

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Producer’s Responsibilities

“You are responsible for everybody and everything.”

Producers are key creative decision makers in film Production, their responsibilities are vast.

They are involved in all phrase of the project from the development to completion of Project, They manage virtually everybody and everything involve in Film Production.

Here are core responsibilities among the vast responsibility they perform.
  • Securing the finance needed from the Pre-production phrase through the Production phrase down to the Post-production phrase.
  • Creation of Budget; They are responsible for the creation of film budgets. All expense are planned for by the Producer.
  • Meeting with Investors, Producers are responsible in meeting potential investors ones the script is set for production
  • They are involve in Hiring Key personnel for the success of the production. A Producer hires who to work with, decides which director and others personnel that will fit in to the production.
  • They Supervise the progress of the movie, from the Pre-production (planning and Preparation) Phrase to Post Production, they also get the movie to the final consumer i.e the audience.

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Producer’s Skills.

Producers need to be organized and be comfortable with multitasking. The should posses the following skills.

  • Creativity,
  • Leadership,
  • Communication skills are also important.
  • And money management skills are useful to help keep a film within budget.
“You have to understand every aspect of film,” says Merino

Producer should have years of work experience in a related Film career such as Director, Actor, Editor etc

Because of the nature of Film Production A good Producer should have experience working in business or management. This will help since budgeting and raising fund are key responsibilities of a Film Producer.

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