7 Importance of Attending Film Festival

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Film festival is the ceremonial presentation of films in cinemas or screening venues usually to award films that scale through the screening exercises or meet that basic criteria listed for a film to stand for nomination or awards.

This criteria varies for different Film festivals, while some festivals may look out for films with story-line or genre that focuses on the modern lifestyle, others may have a varying judgment.

Different film genre for different film festivals, so before apply know what your film is all about and gear it to any festival that you qualify for.

Film festivals are usually organize with a core value which is competition, in festivals there is consideration of films with intention of selecting the most deserving film which meet criteria for various forms of recognition and other are screened out.

Having understood what film festivals entails and it core value which is competition here are 7 top reasons why you should submit your films and attend film festival.

1. Test Screening

This platform is often use by filmmakers as test screening, they attend this event, canvas the audience same way commercial film production companies test screen their films. They may choose to re-edit or release their film for commercial purpose after gauging the reactions from the audience.

2. Recognition of New Talent

There is always a potential to get nominations and awards in future events provided you works gets acknowledgement for completion and its screening is successful. It also create a platform for new talents, it has always been a place where professionals and established filmmakers in the industry go fish out new talents to recruit.

This festivals can also provide a positive exposure and create more opportunities that eventually leads to success, imagine getting over a thousands of audience from various region, countries to see you film, or you work been featured on the festival website or social media pages, its also an avenue to network with great players in the industry fishing for new talents.

3. Networking with Others

One needs to understand that the industry is people industry, to go far you need people who has gone through the road you want to train, and it’s always about who you know.

Attending film festivals is a great way to expand and grow your circle of influence big, no matter what the interest might be, the surest way to meet people of like minds is attending film festivals, this is usually one of the greatest place to market yourself as a filmmaker.


Its very obvious that the importance of film festivals to a filmmaker still cut down to marketing, filmmakers be it large or small, needs to create an awareness of their film, while large filmmakers do it the big way by the use of large budget on public relations and marketing campaigns small or upcoming may use the simple means of networking for marketing purpose.

It’s good to know that there are various ways film festival can be of help to filmmaker in their film marketing. Here are few of sure.

i Awards
Imagine your work in a festival ends up grabbing an award, this is certainly an edge to be marketed by the festival, your works stand the chance of appearing on the festival posters, website, social media pages as well as their magazine, and this is a sure strategy to sell yourself and works to millions of audience over the globe.

ii. Reviews and interviews
After the festival you can comfortable start buzzing about your latest film project one way is to get bloggers and reviewers to view, comment and share your movie… this is one of the reasons while festival is important it gives you that confident to hype your movie and get it to local bloggers, radio stations or Tv stations. Even if you didn’t win any awards been nominate alone on prestigious festivals could call for the hype.

iii. Selling the film
Festival create that opportunity for instant selling of your film just right at the venue, they do this by attracting film acquisition executives and commissioning editors to their screening… this potential buyers attend with hopes of discovering and acquiring the latest film project before their competitors do.


Festivals are often honored by important personalities in the industry, such as great movie actors, writers, directors, film marketer and distributor who may serve as hosts, panelists or judges.
This provides an avenue to meet and connect with this great people who has gone far ahead in the game, making them mentors will be of great help to you and will make your journey to stardom simple not necessarily easy though.


Apart from the ceremony and screening of movies, many festivals engage in masterclass, workshops, coaching, seminars on Film-making aspect, its usual a great way to learn from the best facilitator around the globe, AFRIFF is on film festival that provides such great platform for learning, you can also check out this list of film festivals and see what they also provide.

This is basic done in festivals as a way to promote filmmakers and their films as well as to assist attendees learn all they need to for a stand and easy film production.


This will always reflect with any community with a success in hosting film festivals, this community will always pride herself in artistic, cultural and commercial values that will attract tourists, media and film fans who could potentially return again to the city for a visit. Take an example, TIFF being host in Toronto annually they revenue generate goes a long way in boosting tourism and economy of the city.

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