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Making Short Films are great but you need to know that apart from getting it uploaded to a YouTube Channel, this Short Films can fetch you global recognition and also awards and this in turn will boost you uploads on YouTube or any other platform you choose, only if you can get this short films to Film Festivals.

Here are Film Festivals that you can submit you short films to.

Deep Focus Film Festival

Deep Focus Film Festival aim at giving every film selected a thoughtful response from a professional filmmaker.

They reward every creative effort with the respect it deserves.
As to the film they accept, they look out for films that meets their standard and can capture attention of their audience.

Deep Focus Film Festival hosts a live screening in front of an audience consisting of film fans, industry personnel, and of course our hand selected jury, responsible for selecting films for awards.

These screenings will showcase the top films submitted, and provide the optimal venue for selection of our Jury Award winners. 100% of the net total of submission fees are allocated exclusively for the event costs.

Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Film Festival

VAM Fashion Film Awards is the longest-running and leading platform in Australia for the exposure and recognition of local and international creative talent working in the fashion film medium.

The Fashion Film Awards place a deserving spotlight on fashion films as a key communication platform for both fashion designers and filmmakers, and for their ability to enable audiences to experience fashion in innovative and creative ways.

In 2019, the Australian and International finalists’ short films were screened to over 67,000 physical and virtual audiences, screened at Fashion Film Award Screening and Discussion event at Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), Melbourne Museum Nocturnal event, Virgin Australia In-Flight Entertainment, Cinema Nova and Val Morgan Cinemas nationwide and featured on RUSSH Magazine’s online platform.

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The mission & objective of the festival is to give short films an identity that differentiates art form from the conventional big screen.

Submission to the festival is open to short films, documentaries, animated films created by independent & student film makers.

Independent & student film makers may submit any number of films under festival’s film categories .If you are submitting two or more films, they should be on separate DVD’s, with separate documents.

The Austria International Film Festival

Those planning to attend are invited to familiarize themselves with the award categories for which participants will compete: Audience Award, Best Narrative Film, Best Short Film, Best Documentary Film, Best Documentary Short Film, Best Entertainment, Best Music Video, Best Student Film and Best Experimental Film.

The Austria International Film Festival is a must visit event!

In attendance there will be people who live for art and people who will open the audience up to new and wonderful worlds

This event will bring together talented people from all over the world. Every year the number of participants increases, and the work that they demonstrate becomes more interesting and professional.

Scario International Short Film Festival

Two days of cinema with the best shorts received through this call for entries that we’ll select from all over the world, thanks to the collaboration with the staff from cultural association Il Varco, that are already organizing one of the most important indie festival in Italy, “Il Varco – International Short Film Festival”.

PlayShort Intl Film Festival

PlayShort is an International Film Awards event which aims to discover and recognize new talents from all over the world. The aim of this festival is to support short film directors providing a critical evaluation of their work.

There will be Public Announcement of Nominees and winners on our website which will provide exceptional films, filmmakers and crew members with recognition for their filmmaking achievements.

The Play Short is listed on IMDb, your nominations and awards on the biggest movie data base in the world!

The Black Gatsby

The aim of this festival is to bring Black Hollywood to the Oklahoma City area and create a pipeline of entertainment for Oklahoma.

The creation of The Black Gatsby is for networking, collaborating, development and supporting purposes.

We screen: Comedy, Drama, Documentaries, Animation, LGBT, Horror, Religious, Foreign/African Diaspora, Shorts, Feature Films and music videos.

This festival has open submissions for all submitters inside/outside of Oklahoma


FilmQuest is design specifically to cater to the empowerment of the filmmaker through various events, awards, swag, connections, and more.

In creating the festival, we thought long and hard about what it is that makes a festival great. We asked ourselves the tough questions.

What we’ve come up with is, we believe, a festival experience that is the kind most filmmakers dream about.

The Juries will award our filmmakers in over 45 individual categories.

Our selection committee is also made up of a group of industry professionals from various fields, such as directors, actors, producers, professors, writers, animators, casting directors, and more.

We encourage you to explore our website for new information and updates as it comes, including who is on the Grand Jury, the Selection Committee, the Official Selections, venues, and more.

As the year progresses, we’ll be updating our website and this page with more info on what to expect, the celebrities who will be active with FilmQuest, our events, workshops, panels, and more!

Prepare for Fantastic at FilmQuest, one of the world’s most exciting and beloved genre film festivals!

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