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How to Become A Film Executive Producer.

Executive Producer
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Today I am taking you through the career path of an executive producer, I will answer frequently asked question such as the following

  • Who is a film executive producer?
  • What do Executive Producers do?
  • What is the difference between a producer and an executive producer?
  • how to become an executive producer

Who is a film executive producer?

Executive Producer:  An executive producer is usually an investor in the project or someone who has facilitated the funding of the project. There may be multiple executive producers on a project, depending on the financing arrangements.

An Executive Producer may be a producer who has raised a significant proportion of a film’s finance, or who has secured the underlying rights to the project.

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In major productions, the Executive Producer may be a representative or CEO of the film studio. In smaller companies or independent projects they may be the creator or writer.

Typically, Executive Producers are not involved in the technical aspects of the filmmaking process, but have played a crucial financial or creative role in ensuring that the project goes into production

What do Executive Producers do?

Here I will discuss with you the responsibilities of a film Executive Producer, what role they play from the Pre-production phase, Production Phase and Post-Production Phase

Key Responsibilities of an Executive Producer During Pre-Production

Pre-Production is the development phase of the filmmaking, during which time the executive producer(s) explore financing, secure talent, hire producers, and set a budget.

  • Secure funding: The executive producer must secure funding for a feature film by the following ways;
    • Seek out financing from other individuals or financial entities, like production companies or film investment firms.
    • If the studios pays for a film, it is the EP’s job to present the budget to the studio, with potential overage and projected profit, in order to get funding approval.
    • Then in the case of small or independent film the EP will fund the film with his money.
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  • Attach talent: The EP should have a list of talents –that is, A list of actors, directors and other – he do love to be part of the film.
  • Hire producers: Once the executive producer has secured the funding, they hire producers. (Though bear in mind that in some cases, the producer actually comes on first and works to hire the EP). In either case, producers reports to the EP
  • Approve the budget: The EP is charged with the responsibility of approving budgets that comes after the script breakdown by the line producer.

An Executive Producer Responsibility during Production

An EP rarely get involved in the day-to-day of production and are not required to visit the set.

They almost do nothing during the Production phase but keep a bird eyes on the project and also field and budget that might arise.

What Executive Producers Do During Post-Production

During the Post-Production the Executive Producer’s role is limited.

Here they only watch the first cut and provide a feedback, on what need to be adjust or give a go ahead to print.

What Is the Difference Between an Executive Producer and a Producer?

The EP is at the top of the producer hierarchy.

They work closely with other kinds of producers but their job descriptions differ.

The EP may find a script or a book to option first and then hire the producer to execute the project.

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A producer may already be working on a script with a writer and will reach out to an EP to finance the project.

The producer answers to the EP about the film’s budget.

The EP does not get involved with the day-to-day of a production like a producer does.

How to become an executive producer

To become an EP, you must have understood the above “who an EP is and the responsibility the play at each phase of film production.

Finally you must process certain skills that will be helpful on your journey as a film EP.

Here are 3 Vital Skills you need to become a film executive producer
  • Network: As an Executive producers you must have a good network of talented and famous actors, directors, Marketers, sales person and a host of other that are involve in the production of films. This will help make your work easy and efficient.
  • Market Insights: To become an EP first you should have good sense for business. A good EP must be a good business man and should have great insights into the film market and know where to make profit from his investment.
  • Management: An EP should acquire managerial and budgetary decision skills.
  • Executive Producers must be excellent negotiators.


Executive Producers must be excellent negotiators. They need a keen business sense, and an intimate knowledge of all aspects of film production, financing, marketing and distribution.

I believe if you digest this content very well you journey to become EP in the Film Industry will be an easy one.

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