How to write an amazing Movie Scripts

Movie Scripts
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What makes a good Screen-story?

Movie Scripts.

To create a great Screenplay for the screen you must know how to write in series of visuals. You must be able to write what can be visualized and recorded.

You must have one goal in mind while writing; which is to make sure you clear your audience about your story.

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You must able to guide your audience through every series and steps in your movie scripts, helping them to understand what each character in your story stands for.

You must be able to evoke their emotions with your story.

Good Movie Scripts help you audience value and understand your character.

Elements of a good script

In Every Story, there are 3 core elements; this are

  • Character
  • Conflict
  • Resolution


This is the connection between you and your audience. Character(s) are the object(s) that make the story, this are what the audience tries to relate, understand and connect with.

For a story to be good you have to have a well-built character that could actually tell the audience what you have in mind.

A character should be able to reflect your thought and evoke emotion of the audience.

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For a story to be good, your character should be one with great value and easy to understand by the audiences.

The key to all good stories is to populate them with fascinating and engaging characters

To write a good story, you must make your audience understand your Point of View (PoV)

Here are questions to consider while writing;

From whose character’s PoV are you writing this story? Which character is telling the story?


After defining your character next is building conflict.

Conflict means set up, it is the challenges that a character goes through in order to get what they want, and this makes a film.

A good story makes use of conflict to create emotional appeal.

With conflict you can get your audience dying to know what next will have to happen, here you make your audience anticipating, you make the anxious.

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When building your conflict have the following in mind

What your character want

Visually show what they want

Build something that will propel them to get what they want at the same time helping them to learn about the world or themselves in order to get what they want

Their opponent (Antagonist in the case where your main character is the protagonist and vice versa

Show how their opponent attacks and exposes their weakness

Know when to reduce and increase conflict.

How the character was transform by conflict.

There are basically four narrative conflicts in a screenplay
  • Character to character
  • Character to the environment or natural occurrence
  • Character to self (fighting with emotions, feelings, attitudes, etc.)
  • Character to society

This are the main conflicts a good story should have, learn how to use more than one conflict in your screen play to avoid a boring story.

Conflict makes your story resonate emotions, for this will give your story power

Learn how to whittle your script down to things that are important and fascinating.


This is the final element that tells how your character was able to defeat his/her opponent or confront a particular situation.

This part gives out a full detail about your story, your resolution helps you audience fully comprehend your story.

Your resolution must be able to tell the audience what change happened to the character either in terms of changing his or her desire to get something or the character changes his or her attitude to easily get rid of conflicts to get what they want.


A great story is one with a well-defined character, well-built conflict and resolution

A good script present the audience a clear challenge(s) the character(s) have to encounter while trying to get what they want.

In all make sure your movie scripts are clear and concise.

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