Humanity: breath for Humanity

Written by Nwachukwu_nelly

Tell Me

when was the last time
you cuddled the hands of an orphan to lightened their life
shared love and spread happiness
to that /downtrodden and disheartened street kids
saw beauty in that abused and embittered heart

when was the last time
you gave out to that hapless and deprived soul
who can’t afford to pay you back
bear the burden of another
and allowed them take refuge in your strength.

when was the last time
you strew that charming magical smile of yours
full of kindness and compassion
to that dark and bleeding heart
so they be human again

when was the last time
you hanged your light high enough
for other to see and be safe
to feel the light and be lighten up

when was the last time
you kept the words “i, me and myself” aside
and go for “them”
you wiped that tears from their cheek
and the thought of you gives hope
and made them sleep peacefully.

when was the last time
you enthrall the one you marked unbeliever and backslider
not just with words but with your godly character
and leave them with no other option
but to believe and seek God intervention.

when was the last time
you did something that cost you more
and in return your only benefit was the joy of humanity

Tell me
When was the last time
you breath for Humanity?

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