What makes a good Screenplay

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What makes a good screenplay?

First you need to understand that Screenplay is a basic part of Pre-production and the very backbone of any movie, without a story turned into script a movie will never be born.

To create a great story for the screen you must know how to write in series of visuals

Screenplay needs to be filmed the, screen play should be about people doing things.

A good Story defines clearly its character, what the character(s) want, and how he or She goes about getting it in the end.

It must be able to present the audience a clear challenge(s) the character(s) have to encounter while trying to get what they want.

A good screen play need to also define to its audience how the character overcomes his or her challenges while chasing what s/he desires

A good script tell the audience what change happened to the character either in terms of changing his or her desire to get something or the character changes his or her attitude to easily get rid of conflicts to get what they want.

There are basically four narrative conflicts in a screenplay

  • Character to character
  • Character to the environment or natural occurrence that
  • Character to self ( fighting with emotions, feelings, attitudes, etc)
  • Character to society

This are the main conflicts a good story should have, learn how to use more than one conflict in your screen play to avoid a boring story.

In brief this will help you know make a good script that will grab the attention of any producer, do well to follow the principles laid out.


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