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A screenwriter in simple term is the person who writes stories for the screen with the aim of captivating his audience. They provide the blue print of any film work.

A good screenplay should contain appropriate information that a producer, director and the rest of the crew members involve in the whole process of film production will need for adequate planning, organizing and directing a production to get a desired result.

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This therefore projects the fact that screenplay is a creative blueprint that contains information needed for effective film production, without a screenplay production may not take place.

Movies are constantly been enjoyed all over the globe by billions of audience whose minds are been fascinated, captivated and involved thereby arousing curiosity of wanting to know what the pictures they are seeing mean this has result from the wonderful well thought and planned creative work of a screenwriter who understands that the work of screenplay has to do with the ability to create sequential images, shots and scenes that will engage the audience intellectually and emotionally.

You must understand, unlike novel, poems or prose screenplay is solely written for the screen, you must have in mind when writing a screenplay you must write only what can be captured on camera, not writing to impress your audience through dynamic, eloquence and beautiful vocals and stylish words.

Screenplay writers writes for the screen, they think of series of events that will be interesting to watch, they tell stories with pictures and sounds.

As a screenwriter you are god, with your pen and paper you create and design your world which also includes your characters, you determine how they should act, where they belong and so many other things about your characters which we will dive on later.

As a screenwriter understand that the best screenplay are not the ones filled with dialogue but those with highly visual scenes.

Finally the goal of this series is to guide you through the path of becoming a creative and a better screenwriter, it’s imperative to understand that scriptwriting is about writing a story for the screen and not a novel, you must write only what the camera man can capture and the sound man can record.

Summary: A screenwriter is a storyteller. Who provides the blueprint for film production, a screenwriter ignites the spark to begin film production.
A script entails that which the cameraman can capture and sound man can record.

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