Sickle Cell Anaemia Poem: bitter pay for ignorant

Written by Nwachukwu_nelly

Celebro Vascular Accident, Aplastic Crisis

Acute Chest Syndrome and Sequestration Crisis

Priapism, Vaso–occlusive Crisis

Hyper-Hemelytic Crisis

Whatever these words means

I only heard them in this hospital

When you fought hard to live

When you struggled up with pains

When disease bites you

And you cry like toy all day

When your heart starts palpitating

And your hands shaky

This words starts unfolding its meaning

Today that cold hearted bastard rejected my trade

All my plea not to take you fell on rotten ear

Death with quenchless appetite

Left me broke and broken

I can only wish to;

Hold those tender little hands of yours

Hear that blissful symphony voice of yours

Feel that smile that brightens my dark days

Stare at those eyes like fluorescent stars in sky

I still can’t believe that;

My trophy daughter

That beauteous 10years old soul

The one that triggers the joy in her mother’s heart

Apple of my own eyes

My scenic diadem is gone

Sickle Cell Anaemia, Genotype AC, AS, SS, SC

I finally understood this words today that;

My heart quakes and heaves like stormy ocean

My nose runs and eyes aches

My grief stricken with blank mind and colorless soul.

I finally understood the importance of knowing my genotype before saying I do.

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